The Cricket Victoria Association and Club COVID-19 Plan guidance is general in nature and should not be relied upon as legal advice or a comprehensive statement of obligations. While all care has been used in preparation of this guide to the date, information and guidance is changing rapidly.

Associations & Clubs should remain vigilant and ensure that they familiarise themselves with the latest COVID-19 advice from DHHS, Sport & Recreation Victoria, Cricket Victoria, your local council and other relevant authorities and obtain advice where necessary for your specific circumstances. If in doubt, check first.

In no particular order please be aware of this information.

# any illness please stay home

# kit bags must be left in car if possible or we need a designated area.

# same groups, minimum of 2 weeks to make tracing easier if required.

# arrive in training gear

# check-in and out via QR code

# sanitise there hands before commencing training

# stay in nominated group for whole duration of training

# only remove masks when training begins

# don’t share cricket gear/ balls

# encourage the players to read up on the covid restictions as well