The best thing about the cricket is the youngsters coming through falling in love with cricket, competitiveness and having fun with their mates. Cricket Clubs a renowned for this and McKinnon Cricket Club is no different. We welcome boy and girls from the age of 8 and their parents/families into the club. We provide a great community atmosphere and look forward the Summer cricket season each year.

Our Club follows the Cricket Australia Guidelines for safeguarding all children. Please click the button for the guidelines we follow.

McKinnon Cricket Club is committed to providing equal opportunity for players to develop. This includes a pathway for girls into cricket. As a club we aim to grow in this area and welcome any enquiries. The Australian Women’s Cricket Team are great role models for young girls and we aim to create an inclusive environment where girls are able to enjoy the benefits of cricket and the great sport that it is.


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We will not run a specific registration day however feel free to contact us.

Rookie, U/12 U/14, U/16, Girls & Boys with a potential Girls only team.

Minimum playing age is 8 years old. 8 year olds can only play in Rookies grade.

Under / 12: Boys must be under 12 on by the end of August.
Under / 14: Under 14 : Boys must be under 14 by the end of August. Girls can be under 16.
Under / 16: Under 16 : Boys must be under 16 by the end of August. Girls can be under 18.
Girls: girls under 14 girls can play U/12 – CMCA/SECA decision 2yr allowance.

Please note: Age groups are being reviewed however, players should not play above their age.

Yes & we are encouraging more girls to play.

Senior Turf Cricket is available for U/16’s – Regular players may need to pay an extra fee TBC for the season.

Please register at www.playcricket.com.au

Fees are approximately $205 for the season which include training overseen by Qualified coaches.

(Please check any updates to confirm current season fees.)

We can not be certain until all players are registered & available. Usually grouped by age & experience.

Typically for previous season time usually look like the below but please check with the club for the upcoming/current season.

Training every Sunday from the first week in September.

Under 12  – 9 am
Under 14  – 10  am
Under 16  – 11 am

After Daylight Saving.
Under 12 – Wednesdays from 4.30pm
Under 14 – Mondays from 4.30pm
Under 16 – Tuesdays 5 – 7pm

Many players like to bring their own playing equipment however, the club does have some equipment.
Groin Protector a must for boys.
The girls team, if applicable, will have a kit provided.
Don’t forget Sunscreen, water bottle and snack.

We would prefer to to see a McK Training top, white cricket shirt (polo) or similar & dark shorts/track pants & runners. Don’t forget Sunscreen.

Long white cricket pants, white cricket shirt (polo), Runners.
Cricket hat : wide brim or Cap. Players must take the field with a hat (unless helmet is being worn).
Don’t forget Sunscreen, water bottle and snack.

Yes  – Caps
White & purple playing polo shirts .
These have the McKinnon LOGO.

Our lower U/12 Kits are equipped with bats, gloves, pads & helmets.

8.15am sharp for some One Day games.

8.45am sharp for Two Day games or Rookies.

Please check with the club for current season information.

Approximately 11.15am-11.30am.

Most likely mid October.

Mid October on http:/mycricket.cricket.com.au

Age group dependent, usually 40 overs per week up to 3 hours.

Some one day games may total 50 overs this is TBC.

We are in the process of appointing & identifying Coaches & Managers but as we do not yet know exact team numbers amd mixes, it will be finalised at a later date. We welcome any expression of interest in any area.

Yes, it’s usually mid-December to mid-January. TO BE CONFIRMED

While we have a manager & usually a game day coach, we cannot survive without parental help.
Assist at organising groups at training.

– Setting up stumps
– Sweeping the pitch
– Laying out hats/markers for boundaries
– Scoring (where able)
– Umpiring (where able)
– Setting up chairs and putting them away
– Assisting in organising players when needed

It’s much easier when everybody contributes 🙂

It’s not essential to know anything about cricket for some of the jobs & you can always learn.

Yes, please watch newsletters & feel free to ask team manager or Junior committee member.
There are many general club functions throughout the season- watch the website and talk to your team manager.

Probably, & if you think of it [email] it & we can post it for others too.

Junior Coaching Coordinator: Rick Pullman 0428 503 895

Junior Coordinator: Jill Watts : 0413 880 729

Junior/Master Blaster:  Paul O’Donnell 0418 678 778

Junior Committee Rep.  Shane Austin: 0427 838 778

President: Paul Cox 0418 827 001

Our Club continued to provide an excellent sporting environment for local families.

The McKCC Junior program once again had a successful and competitive season. We were able to field 6 teams, 1 x U/16, 2 x U/14, and 3 x U/ 12.

We were lucky to have strong coaching in each age group and I would like to thank the coaches for their dedication and the long hours they contributed.

Special thanks also to the parents for their support at training and on game day. The involvement of all families assisted in making each week run smoothly.

We are extremely proud of the way our Junior players conducted themselves both on and off the field. Their efforts to learn the skills and etiquette of the game was obvious to all. At all times they displayed great sportsmanship and camaraderie.

A highlight of the year for the U14’s and U/16’s was when we hosted Waitaki Boys School who were touring from NZ. Two T20 games were played on the main oval. This gave our players an opportunity to play on turf and the day was a great success. Thanks to all who were involved with the organisation of the day.

We had several talented players selected to participate in Representative teams throughout the year.