The best thing about the cricket are the youngsters coming through falling in love with cricket, competitiveness and having fun with their mates. It’s the true beauty of the game that allows it to run full circle. Being able to play at any age it’s a great family and community Cricket Club. We welcome boy and girls from the age of 8 and their parents/families into the club and play through the with seniors and masters teams. The McKinnon Cricket Clubs provide a great community atmosphere and look forward the Summer cricket season each year.

The McKinnon Cricket Club encourages females to get involved in cricket. We are dedicated to ensuring that girls have the opportunity to experience this great game and a pathway into women’s cricket. We are proud of the Australian Women’s Cricket team and want to ensure that any girls or women in our area interested in playing are welcome to the club. We look forward to learning, growing and developing this area.

Volunteers are at the heart of the McKinnon Cricket Club. There are lots of ways to get involved for people of all ages. We have various roles to fill throughout each season to keep the club strong and successful. We provide training and are always here to help with any queries or questions. For further information please check the volunteer page or contact the club for more details on how you can get start volunteering.

Established in 1928, almost a century ago – McKinnon Cricket Club has a rich history. Find out more about the McKinnon Cricket Club journey on our history page.

Each President has helped to grow and develop the club. They are always the first to suggests to point out the team work but we also like to acknowledge their contribution and commitment to McKinnon Cricket Club as leaders of the Club.

Cricket Clubs need players and here we acknowledge the greats of the game that have come through the McKinnon Cricket Club.

We are grateful to have the support of terrific sponsors. We appreciate each and every contribution that is made to the club. Make sure you check out our sponsor section and make sure you support them so our community stays strong and our club continues to grow.